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Welcome to Carlisle Home Builders
Welcome to Carlisle Home Builders

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A few years ago, on a beautiful day in May, I became a paraplegic. After a short time in a rehabilitation hospital, I was told that I would be discharged.

I knew that I wasn’t ready to be released because my home wasn’t ready to accommodate me. A major problem was the master bathroom which had a separate tub and a walk-in shower with an entrance too narrow to be of use.

A single consultation with Michael Carlisle, myself and my family resulted in a simple and intelligently designed remodeled bathroom which accommodated my needs.

My appreciation grew each day as I realized that Michael had used quality materials and fixtures that would be durable and lasting. The placement of the fixtures, critical to a disabled person, was perfect. The design and slope of the tile was gentle enough to allow maneuverability of a shower chair, but was angled to allow water to drain effectively.

My shower is one of the true joys in my life. I consider it a blessing.

Thank you,  Michael. 

Several years ago we needed to get a larger house to accommodate our six energetic kids. We liked our home and neighborhood, so decided to add an upstairs instead of moving. We ended up using Michael Carlisle as our contractor and have never regretted our decision. Their price was competitive, they communicated well with us, they anticipated and helped us resolve potential issues, and gave us good input on our design. The house turned out great and we have been very pleased with the quality of the workmanship.


Michael Carlisle was the clear and obvious choice when we decided to add onto our home. Not only was he the most affordable but he had the best ideas of what we could do. He combined the practical with “flair”. The addition added value to our home but more importantly made it much more comfortable. He is the right choice for homeowners looking to remodel or add on. We were so happy with the service that when it came time to build our next home, we went with him again!

Doug and Dora

To whom it may concern - Reference:  Michael Carlisle Home Builder

I have known Mr. Michael Carlisle for the past thirteen years, first as a new home builder, and more recently as a remodeler.  My family relocated to Albuquerque, New Mexico in the Fall of 1999 when I accepted a technical staff position at the Sandia National Laboratories.  When we were looking to purchase a new home in the High Desert Area, we came across a home under construction by Michael Carlisle that had a ‘For Sale’ up in the front of the property.  After we signed the contract, Mr. Carlisle’s company completed the construction exactly as per our original agreement and took care of minor anomalies (that are typical of any new constructions) in a very timely fashion and with utmost professionalism.  Since my wife and I are so pleased with the quality of our home construction, we sought Mr. Carlisle’s services when decided to make additions to our home, a sunroom in 2007 and a full-bath conversion on the ground floor in 2012.  Once again, he completed both works/contracts in an exemplary manner.

Mr. Carlisle is a very honest and decent businessman.  I wish him good success in his future endeavors.

Samuri V. Prasad, PhD

To Whom it may Concern:

We had Carlisle Builders enclose our garage, build a shed in our backyard, replaced all the windows in our home with a new vinyl window  and add a new heating and air conditioning system to our home.  He was very patient and went above and beyond when during the process we changed our minds several times.  Any change was met with promptness and professionalism.  Deadlines were always met and we couldn’t have hoped for a better outcome.  We have referred him and will continue to refer and utilize his services in the future.

John & DeAnna Philips


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